Optimized recipe selection system of HIV therapy


The related works of HIV-1 focus on analyzing the sequences and establish the recipe selection system. The procedure of developing the therapy models consists of the three important steps: 1) establish databases of HIV sequences and physiological properties of patients to extract potentially medical features for individualized HIV therapy; 2) integrate characteristics of HIV sequences and medical features to design the therapy models, and transform the model design into a number of parameter optimization problems, and 3) develop a set of modeling and prediction algorithms based on a high-performance inheritable bi-objective optimization genetic algorithm (IBCGA) to solve these optimization problems.

The construction of entry inhibitor prediction model and establishment of the virus database have been completed. Prediction performance of the entry inhibitor model is the best, compared with those of existing tools. Additionally, we have identified an important region crown-10 in the V3 loop sequence which has significant influence on determining the entry inhibitor.