Prediction and analysis of CRP binding site


The cyclic AMP receptor protein (CRP) in E-coli is a major dual regulatory of activator and repressor, which regulates more than 180 gene expression via binding specific DNA sequences. CRP binding to different DNA sequence regulates different protein expression. Hence, investigation of CRP binding mode and rule is most important to the research of gene expression. This study propose a prediction system-IdCRP, for predicting CRP regulation modes (activation or repression) and acquiring rule-based knowledge by using DNA binding site sequence information. The procedure of developing the IdCRP system consists of the five steps: 1) establishing databases of CRP binding sites and location properties of sequences; 2) extracting potential properties for analyzing the CRP regulation; 3) feature selection based on an IBCGA; 4)rules acquistion;5) constructing the CRP regulatory model. Furthermore, we will apply achievements such as potential regulatory modes and regulatory rules to reconstruct gene regulatory networks and control gene expressions of CRP-regulated genes in synthetic biology.