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SCMPSP: Prediction and characterization of photosynthetic proteins based on a scoring card method

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A schematic representation of the photosynthetic apparatus in the thylacoid membrane

Structures of Rhodobacter Sphaeroides Reaction Center. PDB entry 2WX5. (A) Distributions of side chain hydrophobicities; (B) Hydrophobic patches highlighted. Side chains colored according to hydrophobicity palette with blue at the hydrophobicity extreme, green in intermadiate, red for hydrophilic side chains. Figures were made by Swiss-PdbViewer 4.1.0.

Structures of Pisum sativum Rubisco. PDB entry 4HHH. Molecular structures of the residues of active center are highlighted in solid yellow. Detailed residue positions are shown as spacefill. Figures were made by Swiss-PdbViewer 4.1.0.

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Huang HL, Charoenkwan P, Kao TF, Lee HC, Chang FL, Huang WL, Ho SJ, Shu LS, Chen WL, Ho SY: Prediction and analysis of protein solubility using a novel scoring card method with dipeptide composition. Bmc Bioinformatics 2012, 13.

Charoenkwan P, Shoombuatong W, Lee HC, Chaijaruwanich J, Huang HL, Ho SY: SCMCRYS: Predicting Protein Crystallization Using an Ensemble Scoring Card Method with Estimating Propensity Scores of P-Collocated Amino Acid Pairs. Plos One 2013, 8(9).